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Topic: Are you Cutting Your Nails Correctly?

Are you Cutting Your Nails Correctly?

For most people, cutting the nails is an insignificant matter in life. For people with diabetes, however, it is a matter of the utmost importance that requires attention and care. A diabetic patient suffers from a small cut when cutting toe nails. With a lack of care, the toe became necrotic. The patient’s toe would have been amputated if not for the follow-up management. As a diabetic patient, you must pay attention to the small gesture of cutting your nails.

Some tips are listed below for your reference.

1.Do not use small nail clippers; they are hard to handle and to apply force to. Elderly people should use nail clippers with an attached magnifying glass.

2.Cut nails during the day when there is sufficient light and to see well.

3.To prevent injuries, do not have overly long nails and do not cut the nails too short.

4.To prevent ingrown nails that cause pain, do not cut the sides of the nail too deep.

5.After cutting, use a file to grind down and shape the edges of the nails.

6.Please visit a dermatologist if corns, calluses, fungal infections, or onychomycosis (gray nails) are found on the foot. Do not attempt to manage them by yourself.

Reference: American Diabetes Association

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