Diabetes Care

Topic: Common problems with the use of glucose meter

Common problems with the use of glucose meter

Test strip not fully inserted into meterCode errorAlways be sure test strip is fully inserted in meter.
Patient sample site (for example, the fingertip) is contaminated with sugarFalse highAlways clean and dry test site before sampling.
Not enough blood applied to stripEr4Repeat test with a new sample.
Batteries low on powerBatter errorChange batteries and repeat sample collection.
Test strips/Control solutions stored at temperature extremesFales high/ lowStore kit and components according to directions.
Squeezing fingertip too hard because blood is not flowingFalse lowRepeat test with a new sample from a new stick.
Test strip/Control solution vial crackedFalse high/ lowAlways inspect package for cracks, leaks, etc.
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