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Topic: Lower the Risk of Diabetes by Lowering Obesity

Lower the Risk of Diabetes by Lowering Obesity

There is a high risk for adults who are overweight as a children to develop Type 2 diabetes. However, can the risk be reversible by reducing body weight to normal range before reaching adulthood? The answer is “certainly”; a study has recruited 62,565 children and measured their heights and body weights at age 7 and 13, respectively. According to the results of the study, for children who were overweight at the age of 7 and returned to normal weight at age 13, their risks of developing Type 2 diabetes by the age of 60 are not significantly different from people who were never overweight. Compared to those who are overweight until adulthood, maintaining weight-loss during the adolescent years (age 17 to 26) can decrease the risks of Type 2 diabetes.

Reference:The New England Journal of Medicine, published online April 5, 2018 Diabetes Forecast Sep/Oct 2018

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