Diabetes Care

Topic: Principles of healthy diets

Principles of healthy diets

People with diabetes are recommended to have a healthy, balanced diet. 

It is better to choose healthy ingredients to ensure you obtain various nutrients. Do not skip or delay any of your three meals. Do not eat too much or too little at a time. You can keep your meals low in fat, sugar and salt via your cooking methods. You can also make a diet plan with health care professionals to control your blood glucose levels. 

Having a healthy diet and exercising regularly are the keys to help manage diabetes. There is no need to give up delicious food due to diabetes. However, you need to control your diet and know how much sugar you have taken. You also have to take your medicine on time and exercise regularly to maintain your ideal weight. In addition, you should keep yourself in a good mood, sleep well, and avoid staying up late or smoking.

Personalized diet plans should be based on the physical activities, metabolism, and treatment needs of each patient.

If you have any problems regarding your diet plans, please consult your dietitian for advice to develop a diet plan together.

Source: American Diabetes Association

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