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Topic: When you travel abroad, what should you be aware of ?

When you travel abroad, what should you be aware of ?

Prepare the following items before you travel in case of emergency.

1.English medical records: in addition for use during emergency medical care, you must also show your medical records as proof for drugs that you are carrying with you.

2.Medicine: carry twice the amount of medicine required for the trip, in case the trip time is unexpectedly extended. Medicine should be carried on your person, and not placed in checked-in luggage that will be placed in the cargo hold during the flight.

3.Blood glucose meter: so you can check changes in your blood glucose at any time.

4.Appropriate shoes: it is best to have wide-body shoes that cover the entire feet. Shoes should be able to be used for different types of traveling, such as hiking and mountain climbing. Bring two pairs so you can change shoes.

5.Emergency medical card: during a medical emergency, medical personnel can rapidly understand your medical history through your card.

Do not forget to take your medicine on time during your flight. If the flight time is too long and crosses into different time zones, talk to your physician ahead of time regarding how to adjust the medication. When engaged in activities that consume more energy during your travels, please constantly monitor your blood glucose, and eat snacks when needed to prevent low blood glucose. Avoid going out alone in case you need help in an emergency and no one is around to provide assistance.

Source: American Diabetes Association

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