About Bionime

Bionime (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. is a subsidiary of Bionime Corporation (BNC), a publicly listed company in Taiwan High Tech Stock Exchange. BNC is a global leader in the field of research, development and manufacturing of glucose biosensors focusing on diabetes management.

Our Core Technology

Our greatest asset comes from our internationally patented technology, Barrel Plating Gold Electrode as well as many other innovative national and international patents in nanotechnology, biotechnology and medical testing—developed by our team comprised of top-tier scientists from various medical, biotechnology, electronics and engineering professions who are very dedicated to innovations in blood glucose monitoring.

This patented technology has allowed blood glucose measurements to attain a new level of accuracy and precision, which is only previously available to accredited laboratory machines, but never before possible with home-use blood glucose meters. Our self-monitoring blood glucose (SMBG) device is certified with full compliance to ISO 15197:2013.

International Recognition

Bionime Corporation has won many industrial accolades both locally and internationally, including Taiwan National Industrial Innovation Award (2014, 2017) and Reddot Design Award (2013, Europe).

This growing international recognition has led us to several collaborations with world-renowned diabetes industry players, these include
1. General Electric Corp., USA where Bionime Corporation has been given an incredible opportunity to launch Innovative Diabetes Solutions in 2012;
2. Ypsomed AG, Switzerland, a world leader in injection delivery system and inventor of insulin pump in Europe, and
3. DongBao Group, China, the largest insulin manufacturer in PR China. Our partnership with global leading player in diabetes management has secured Bionime Corporation as a global leading biotechnology company in the field of blood glucose monitoring and related biosensors.


We strive to provide our innovative integrated technology in the field of diabetes monitoring and management, combining Swiss Designs and made-in Taiwan quality assurance to people in need and their caregivers.


We offer integrated solutions to both patients and their healthcare givers to better manage their diabetes with a care-free lifestyle and ultimately bringing Better Health for More People.