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Topic: A Better Sex Life for Diabetes Patient

A Better Sex Life for Diabetes Patient

For all males with diabetes experiencing erectile or endurance dysfunction, do not be distraught, as you are not alone – more than half of all male population with diabetes have sexual performance issues. In a review of 145 scientific studies on 88,577 male diabetes patients (both type 1 and 2), overall about 53% of all people with diabetes have erectile dysfunction, which is three times more than non-diabetes patients; about 66% of male type 2 diabetes patients have the condition, and 38% for type 1 diabetes patients. For people with diabetes over the age of 60 years, the percentage of erectile dysfunction was about 67%. If you or your partner is experiencing this issue, please do not hesitate to seek medical consultation and to visit urology clinic for professional medical treatment as needed.
Here are some tips for prevention of sexual dysfunction:

  1. Good control of blood sugar, blood pressure and blood lipid levels.
  2. Quit smoking and alcohol.
  3. Regular exercise

Reference:Diabetes Forecast Nov/Dec 2017

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