The first step of measuring blood glucose is to use a lancing device. Hence, our goals during the development phase are to reduce pain caused by finger pricking and ensure users’ safety.
Lancet Eject Function

Safely eject used lancet to avoid contact with lancet.

7-stage Depths Penetration

Adjust the depth of the needle depending on the thickness of the skin.

Ergonomic Design

Easy to separate the cap and hub of lancing device.

Less Pain With Patented Technology

The guiding ribs in the guide tracks prevents rotational components of the movement and reduces vibrations during forward movement, hence reducing finger prick pain.


The safety switch prevents accidental pressing of the release button when the cap is opened.

How it Works

  1. Hold the depth adjustable cap in one hand and hold the hub in the other hand. Bend the cap towards the down side. When a gap appears between the cap and hub, pull them off in opposite directions.

2. Pull off the depth adjustable cap.

3. Insert a new disposable lancet firmly into the lancet carrier.

4. Twist off and set aside the protective cover of the disposable lancet.

5. Replace the depth adjustable cap.

6. Choose a depth of penetration by rotating the top portion of the depth adjustable cap until the setting depth matches the window. Settings are based on skin type:

‘3 scales’ for soft or thin skin;

‘5 scales’ for normal skin;

‘7 scales’ for thick or calloused skin.

7. Hold the hub in one hand and pull on the plunger with the other hand. The device will be cocked. Release the plunger and it will automatically move back to its original position near the hub.

8. Place the lancing device against your fingertip and press the release button.

9. After using, pull off the depth adjustable cap. Without touching the used disposable lancet, insert the lancet tip into the protective cover.

10. Hold the release button in one hand and pull on the plunger with the other hand to safely eject the used disposable lancet.

11. Discard the used disposable lancet into an appropriate puncture-proof or biohazard container.