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Topic: Carbohydrate counting

Carbohydrate counting

Diabetes is a chronic disease that requires adjustments in lifestyle, including healthy eating and regular exercise. The diet for diabetes patients is the same as that of healthy people. In addition to obtaining a variety of nutrition and using low fat, low salt, and low sugar cooking methods, control of overall carbohydrate intake can help control blood glucose.

A lot of food contains carbohydrates. Diabetes patients must know the carbohydrate content of food and calculate the carbohydrates to help control the intake amount and stabilize blood glucose after a meal. Whole grains, fruits, dairy products and starchy vegetables contain an abundant amount of carbohydrates and the quantity eaten watched with care. Each diabetes patients’ carbohydrate intake amount is different, based on their physical activity level, disease and, weight loss requirements. You should discuss with your medical team to set a meal plan.

One sering of staple food is equal to 15 grams of carbs, and one serving of dairy is equal to 12 grams of carbs. The following table is the cabs content of 12~15 grams of each types of food.

Whole grainsStarchy vegetablesFruitDairy(12g/ per serving)

One slice of bread

1/2 cup of corn

A small apple

240 c.c. low fat or non-fat milk
One 6-inch tortilla

1/2 cup of potato

1/2 large of banana

3 tablespoons of non-fat milk powder

1/3 cup of pasta

1 cup of pumpkin

1/2 large of grapefruit

2 pieces of low fat cheese

1 pieces of toast with the sides cut off

1/2 yam,sweet potato

17 grapes 
3/4 cup of dry cereal   

For example, one’s breakfast includes 240c.c. of low-fat milk, 2 pieces of toast with the sides cut off and 1 piece of low-fat cheese. Can you guess how many grams of carbohydrate in this meal?

A answer:48 grams of carbohydrates.

Are you correct?

Source: American Diabetes Association

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