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Topic: How to choose proper footwear for people with diabetic?

How to choose proper footwear for people with diabetic?

A comfortable pair of shoes is very important for people with diabetic. There was a diabetic patient who scraped her foot wearing new shoes, the wound had pus and would not heal. She did not realize her blood sugar was more than 500mg/dL (27.8mmol/L) until debridement at the hospital.

How to choose proper footwear:

1.Try to buy shoes in the afternoon. Circulation of the lower limbs worsens as the day passes, causing feet swelling and requiring the largest size. Hence, the afternoon is the best time to choose the largest size in a day.

2.Choose shoes with a wide toe box that completely covers the toes, providing a spacious environment and full protection for the toes.

3.The shoes should be fitting, deep enough, and have a cushioned insole.

4.Shoes that are made with leather, canvas, or materials with good breathability.

5.Choose adjustable shoes such as designs with shoe laces or Velcro.

6.Light colored cotton socks have good sweat wicking functions and are better suited to spotting feet discharge or bleeding.

7.Do not wear patched socks. The patches can cause pressure points at the sole and lead to ulcers.

8.The mouth of the socks should not be too tight, as it can cause poor circulation.

A reminder for people with diabetic, dump out foreign objects in your shoes before wearing them to prevent injuries. Patients with foot defects or deformities are advised to consult a podiatrist or physiatrist for detailed examinations and customize special insoles or footwear. In addition, quitting smoking is vital to foot care.

Reference: Diabetes.co.uk, American Diabetes Association

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