Diabetes Care

Topic: Ideal range of blood sugar

Ideal range of blood sugar

 Age < 18 years oldNon-pregnant adults with diabetesGestational diabetes
Before meals90~130 mg/dL (5.0~7.2 mmol/L)80~130 mg/dL (4.4~7.2 mmol/L)≤95 mg/dL (5.3 mmol/L)
After 1 hour meal≤140 mg/dL (7.8 mmol/L)
After 2 hours meal< 180 mg/dL (10.0 mmol/L)≤120 mg/dL (6.7 mmol/L)
Bedtime/ overnight90~150 mg/dL (5.0~8.3 mmol/L)

People with diabetes should set their own A1c goals instead of uniformly setting it as <7%. Patients’ A1C goals should be formulated according to the duration of the disease, as well as to the patient’s age, life expectancy, any complications, known cardiovascular and microvascular complications and hypoglycemia unawareness, as well as other individual factors. A1c goals will vary due to fasting blood glucose and postprandial blood glucose. 

Source: American Diabetes Association, Standards of Medical Care in Diabetes --- 2017

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