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Topic: Oral health care of diabetic patients

Oral health care of diabetic patients

The rate of periodontal disease in diabetic patients is 2-3 times higher than non-diabetic patients. In 1993, the American Diabetes Association officially listed periodontal disease as one of the chronic complications of diabetes. Severe periodontal disease leads to periodontal tissue damage and even atrophy, which eventually results in loss of teeth. With poor blood-sugar control and bad oral condition, bacteria can easily breed in the oral cavity as a result of high blood sugar. With the presence of a wound, bacteria will travel to the whole body through circulation. In a self-reported case, the diabetic patient suffered from sepsis due to tooth extraction and was admitted in ICU for several days. Therefore, the oral health care of diabetic patients cannot be neglected.

The recommended daily oral health care for diabetic patients is as follows:

1.Use soft brushes for cleaning, at least twice a day.

2.Use inter-dental brushes and floss appropriately to clean the gaps between the teeth.

3.Keep balanced diet. Diverse nutrition provides immunity.

4.Schedule a regular dental checkup and scaling every six months.

5.Maintain a good blood sugar control goal.

Source:Diabetes.co.uk, Taiwanese association of diabetes educators

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