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Skin care

Don’t be a Victim of Winter’s Dryness

Winter is approaching, is your skin feeling dry and itchy? As the body ages, the skin’s ability to produce oil decreases, making the skin dryer than ever in winter, especially in the lower limbs. Many elderly people suffer from dry skin, peeling skin, and even cracked skin on their feet in the winter. For people with diabetes, neuropathy and vascular disorder worsen this problem, readily causing wounds and infections. Similar to how a cigarette can start a wildfire, an insignificant wound on the foot can lead to ulcers, amputations, and other major damage. Caution must be taken.

Some tips are listed below to prevent your skin from shriveling up like a dried flower.

1.To prevent dry skin, do not shower in water that is too hot and do not bathe for too long.

2.Use neutral soaps.

3.Apply lotion immediately after showering when the skin pores are still open to facilitate the absorption of the lotion.

4.To prevent fungal infections, do not apply lotion between the toes.

5.Use high moisture lotions or cream.

6.Drink ample amounts of water throughout the day.

Source: American Diabetes Association

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