Diabetes Care

Topic: Take Care of Your Feet

Take Care of Your Feet

  1. Check your feet every day; you can use a small mirror to see whether there are any wounds or secretions on your feet.
  2. Rub emulsion or moisturizing cream evenly on your feet after showering to prevent your skin from being too dry and chapping.
  3. You should not cut your toenails too short. Use a nail file to smoothen your nails.
  4. To avoid injury, do not walk barefoot. 
  5. Remove foreign objects from your shoes before you put them on to avoid injury.
  6. Choose enclosed toe-wide fitting footwear and wear light cotton socks.
  7. Avoid using electric blankets, hot water bags or heating pads directly on your feet to prevent yourself from being scalded.

Source: American Diabetes Association

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