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Topic: The good ways to lower post-prandial hyperglycemia

The good ways to lower post-prandial hyperglycemia

Change the order of eating by starting from meat and vegetables, followed by carbohydrates. A study enrolled 16 people with type 2 diabetes, aged between 35~65 years, and received only oral glucose lowering agent (Metformin) for studying the effects of eating order on the post-prandial blood glucose levels. Participants consumed the same meal contents by following randomized orders in 3 different days: Group I to eat carbohydrates (e.g. bread and orange juice) first, followed by meats (grilled skinless chicken breast) and vegetables (lettuce, tomatoes, and cucumber with Italian vinaigrette) in 10 min. Group II had the eating order completely opposite to Group I; i.e. had meats and vegetables first, followed by carbohydrates. Group III consumed only half the amount of food with mixing order, and then finished another half 10 min later.
The results showed that 3 hours after the meal, the blood sugar level for the group consumed carbohydrates last was reduced by 50% in relative to the group consumed carbohydrates first; and the post-prandial blood sugar level in the group consumed carbohydrates last was reduced by 40% comparing with the group consumed half amount of all food. The above results indicated that the diet fiber in vegetables and the proteins in the meat may delay the absorption of the carbohydrates and minimize glucose spikes.
According to the above findings, it is recommended you change your consumption order to minimize the post-prandial glucose spikes. 血糖。

Reference: Diabetes Forecast 2018 March/ April

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