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Topic: What can I do when I have a cold?

What can I do when I have a cold?

It can be hard to control diabetes in the winter. When the weather is getting cold, you could eat more food because of better appetite. Also, you could get a cold quickly in the season. So, if you are sick with diabetic a cold and are diabetic, what can you do? The blood glucose level fluctuates when you have a cold; you should often check your blood glucose to detect hyperglycemia or hypoglycemia. Even when you eat a few meals; it does not mean you have low blood glucose level.

When you are sick, your body releases hormones that help it fight disease, but the hormones could make your blood glucose level go up very high. If you have poor appetite, and take anti-diabetic medication as prescribed, then you may get hypoglycemia–very dangerous, as it can lead to coma.

So, when you are sick with a cold it is very important that you check your blood glucose level often, drink more water and gets lots of rest take. If you have poor appetite it is important that you eat some food, such as milk, noodle. More importantly, be sure to contact your doctor if your symptoms worsen.

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