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Topic: What Should You be Aware of Before Pregnancy?

What Should You be Aware of Before Pregnancy?

Karen is a diabetic patient with recent plans to get pregnant. What should she watch out for? Her first task is to maintain good blood sugar control before the pregnancy. High blood sugar and ketones can easily be passed to the baby through the placenta, causing the baby to have a higher risk of deformities. The mother needs to maintain ideal blood sugar when the organs are developing, especially in early pregnancy. The ADA recommends that the pre-pregnancy fasting glucose of a diabetic patient should be maintained between 60~119 mg/dL(3.3~6.6 mmol/L), the 1-hour postprandial glucose should be maintained between 100~149 mg/dL (5.6~8.3mmol/L), and the HbA1C < 7%.

We recommend that when people with diabetes have pregnancy plans they should maintain an ideal blood sugar and consult with doctors. Make pre-pregnancy, pregnancy, and postpartum plans. Receive combined care from an obstetrics team during pregnancy. Prior to the pregnancy, undergo examinations for complications of the heart, kidneys, blood pressure, eyes, nerves, etc. If you are a type 1 diabetic patient, also check your thyroid functions. Under the care of a complete medical team, you can have a safe pregnancy and a healthy baby.

Source: American Diabetes Association

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